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From design to finished products

Thanks to modern CAD 2 and 3d systems Bombelli Metaltecnica srl is able both to elaborate renderings supplied by the customer and to develop customized projects based on their needs. The staff working on the design of the products is well qualified and skilled.

With its technical office, the company is able to provide expert consulting, supplying planning and productive solutions to satisfy the different request of the customer both in civil and industrial field.

The project development

The challenging phase of executive planning is monitored by high qualified staff with a strengthened know-how; the development and control are managed with advanced software used for structural calculations concerning the production of metal constructions.

After survey in loco and briefing with customers to obtain enough information, qualified staff develop projects according to the customer expectation and needs.

After the project is approved all needed technical specifications and drawings to final manufacturing are minutely developed.

The industries

Particolare di un taglio al plasma

Bombelli Metaltecnica srl already made available its experience and design capability for different industries. We give you some examples:

  • Industrial sheds
  • Industrial roofing with metal structures
  • Products movement carriage
  • Carpentry for logistic
  • Bridges, pedestrian and vehicular boardwalks

Certificazione EN 1090-1 Certificazione ISO 9001 Certificazione ISO 9001
EN 1090-1 ISO 9001

Bombelli Metaltecnica srl con Socio Unico - Carpentry and Metal Construction

Registered office: Via Quintino Sella, 4 - 20121 Milano
Operation office: Via Bergamo, 7/9 - 20039 Varedo (MI)

Tel. 0362-576030 - Fax 0362-543381 - E-mail info@bombellimetaltecnica.it