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Bombelli Metaltecnica srl & Design

Bombelli Metaltecnica srl cooperates with Tacchi ttm s.a.s. in the field of design, planning and realizing tensioning and fixing systems, for stainless steel nets intended for outdoor and indoor use. Here you can find some projects realized by Bombelli Metaltecnica srl in cooperation with Tacchi ttm:

Working and collaborating with architecture companies permitted the development of some products like:

- Ladders and railings for outdoor and indoor use

- Gates, front doors and gratings

- Structures for exhibition stands

Certificazione EN 1090-1 Certificazione ISO 9001 Certificazione ISO 9001
EN 1090-1 ISO 9001

Bombelli Metaltecnica srl con Socio Unico - Carpentry and Metal Construction

Registered office: Via Quintino Sella, 4 - 20121 Milano
Operation office: Via Bergamo, 7/9 - 20039 Varedo (MI)

Tel. 0362-576030 - Fax 0362-543381 - E-mail info@bombellimetaltecnica.it